seriously this post gets me every fucking time

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Me in two sentences.
  • Me: I won't get jealous
  • Me: Who's this fucking whore
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  • me on my deathbed: i just have one more thing 2 say before i die
  • everyone: what is it
  • me: the kardashians just love each other so much like no matter what anyone says they always have each others backs and remember when rob didn't go to kims wedding because he was feeling self conscious and she wasnt even mad she was just sad for him like how sweet is that
  • everyone: are u serio-
  • me: kardashians 4 life
  • me: [dies]
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do you ever get sad attacks and it drains you and you’re just left sitting there like wow this is so uncalled for rude

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You don’t have to be pretty like her. You can be pretty like you. One of the most freeing things I have ever heard  (via sterlingsea)
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boys moaning is basically the hottest thing a guy can do besides give you neck kisses

I’m more aroused by them giving me large sums of money, personally

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"introduce yourself to the class"

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